In Ivan's Name

in memory of our son

December 2010

Ivan’s memory fund raised 3075 Swedish kronor (sek)  in December. We have spent 5605 sek on loans through Kiva and 545 sek on goats to families in Africa.

Below you can see our complete financial statement;

From previous month
Donations (+)
Spendings (-)
Currency loss/gain
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The Julbocken Gift

Julbocken o Tomten

Julbocken o Tomten

The Julbocken ‘Yule Goat’ is the most ancient Scandinavian Christmas symbols and traditions. So we thought that it would be a wonderful idea for Ivan to give a goat as a Christmas present to a young family.

There are several “donate a goat” programs and after a lot of research we chose to give a goat through Survival and Peace Program from International Humanity Foundation (IHF). … read more

Memories of Ivan

Welcome Home Little Brother

Welcome Home Little Brother

We just want to share some of the special moments we had with Ivan that we will always cherish and remember.

It seems like Ivan came to us so easy and that we did not have any problems with him at all. Having a little baby was just so easy this time. Giving birth to him was very easy and everything worked so good. He was … read more

Loans through Kiva

Ivan's Loans

We have “invested” 1000 dollars in families with young children around the world through Kiva. You can view Ivan’s loans to follow up on the progress of our “Investments”. We have partially funded 27 different loans between 25 to 100 dollars and once the loans have been repaid we can choose to reinvest in other loans or withdraw the money to use it for other projects.

We think … read more

En månad


Det känns som att du var här för några dagar sedan samtidigt som det känns som en evighet sedan du lämnade oss. Allting här hemma påminner om dig och det känns bara så tomt. Förutom att du inte är här så är det ingen vagn, gunga, babysitter, vagga, babygym, skötbord, skötväska eller babykläder över hela huset. Vi kan vara uppe hur sent vi vill för Egil sover ju som … read more