In Ivan's Name

in memory of our son

Progress on KIVA

Tikariy Quillahuata Group

This morning when I logged into Ivan´s KIVA account I found that 100 dollars of the loans had been paid back already. I immediately reinvested the money in four new loans. We have a total of 1100 dollars in loans (spread over 35 lenders) and we plan to keep reinvesting the money until we might need it for another project that we feel is … read more

Egil och Ivan

Egil Skallagrimsson

Egil Skallagrimsson

Many have asked us where we got the names Egil and Ivan from and this is the story;

We had very long and intense discussions about both names and none of us liked the other ones suggestions. We wanted names that were not too common but that would still be easy to understand. It ended up that Egils name worked very well in Sweden but everywhere else we … read more