In Ivan's Name

in memory of our son

Vårat fadderbarn



Chembalaw Lorus är vårat nya fadderbarn genom Ivans fond. Hon är 7 år och bor i Kenya. Hennes pappa är död och hennes mamma kan inte ta hand om henne och hennes två syskon.

Det är nu två år sedan Ivan dog och vi saknar honom oändligt. Han växer upp genom hans lillasyster Svea, eller Gullan som vi alltid kallar henne, och hon ser till att få allas … read more

Life is precious

in memory of ivan

The doctor who delivered me into this world happens to be running for the President of the United States in 2012. Ron Paul has delivered over 4,000 babies and understands how precious life is. I agree with Ron Paul on a lot of issues and this happens to be one of them. Today Ron Paul is having a ‘Tea Party Money Bomb’, so I thought it would be appropriate to donate … read more

The Julbocken Gift

Julbocken o Tomten

Julbocken o Tomten

The Julbocken ‘Yule Goat’ is the most ancient Scandinavian Christmas symbols and traditions. So we thought that it would be a wonderful idea for Ivan to give a goat as a Christmas present to a young family.

There are several “donate a goat” programs and after a lot of research we chose to give a goat through Survival and Peace Program from International Humanity Foundation (IHF). … read more

Loans through Kiva

Ivan's Loans

We have “invested” 1000 dollars in families with young children around the world through Kiva. You can view Ivan’s loans to follow up on the progress of our “Investments”. We have partially funded 27 different loans between 25 to 100 dollars and once the loans have been repaid we can choose to reinvest in other loans or withdraw the money to use it for other projects.

We think … read more

November 2010


Ivan´s memory fund raised 31348 Swedish kronor (4500 dollars) in November and we decided to use some of the funds for loans through Kiva ( We gave three loans before the end of the month and more loans will be given in December. We want to give loans to young families with small children and also with a relatively short repayment plan so we can get our money back … read more