In Ivan's Name

in memory of our son

Ivan is with us

We got the final report from the autopsy today and it says that Ivan had pneumonia and that it could have been the cause of death. It is really hard to believe that he could have been that sick. This is our last picture of Ivan, taken only one hour before he went to bed that night. He had a cold but we certainly did not think it was anything major. The week before he had a lot snot in his nose and seemed to be over the worst of it. We are not really sure what to think now, other then trying to figure out what we could have missed.

Egil said; Ivan can come in to our house and then he can leave anytime. He is with us right now when we are baking easter cookies and he knows the recipe. He went with mom in the truck today when she was working and he can be anywhere that he wants to be. The other day while having dinner at Mormor’s house with Fredrik and family Egil asked everyone to hold hands and say what we missed most about Ivan.

Regarding Ivan’ Fund, we have decided to stay with Kiva disregarding our different views on certain things, for example the high interest that some of their partners are charging. I have downloaded a program that lets me filter the loans in all types of ways so I only fund loans that I feel comfortable with. Here is a link to our lenders page